24-27 July 2019
Dive for 4 days in the culture of Tver Karelians
Karelian Ethno Forum.
What is it?
This event is for those interested in the culture of Tver Karelians.
It will take place on the picturesque bank of the Mologa river (Ribinsk reservoir), near Strelitsa village, Vesjegonsk district, Tver region.

Why go to the Ethnoforum?
It's simple! Three reasons
Activities and adventures
Ethno - Forum - an event for inspiring ethnographic research, hiking and adventure!
Nature and fresh air
The river bank, forest, beautiful landscape - ideal for recreation and recreation.
We conduct classes, seminars and workshops for a wide range of people.
Forum programm is there?
Of course!
Summer is a time of rest and travel.
We will get acquainted with the settlement of Vesjegonsk.
We will visit the local history museum.
We'll go to the Chamerovo village.
We will visit the Church of the
Kazan Icon of the Mother of God.

Professionals come to us: linguists, ethnographers, art historians, filmmakers, culinary specialists and many others. They share their knowledge and experience.
Here you can get new skills in colloquial Karelian speech, learn more about the history of the original Finno-Ugric people, become a participant in the master classes and have a great time.
We will conduct fascinating classes in the study of the Karelian language with Irina Novak. We will definitely communicate with local residents on karelian language.
By tradition, we will organize an open large creative evening and a concert for the villagers.
Participate All!
In addition to the main program, there are spontaneous master classes from participants. And it's cool!
How is life organized?
All participants live in their own tents.
For all days of the Forum there are three meals a day.
We prepare food ourselves at a common fire.
How much does it cost?
Participation in the Forum for all 4 days - 2500 rubles per person.
Incomplete time from the calculation of 1000 rubles per day per person.
* The payment procedure is indicated in the Ethno-Forum Regulations

What our guests think about Ethno-Forum
I'm an urban person, so less than 1,000 people are not an event for me. But it was great. Three days flew in peacefully and easily in a pleasant company.
Zaitsev Grigory, guru-programmer, Tver
It was an incredible journey. For three days I learned a lot about the Tver Karelians. I'm happy to participate in the projects of my friends.
Alex, teacher, Tver
I want to thank everyone for the family reception))) I have restored my vitality and are ready to make the world better again). With the future wife we met at the Forum at Karel 2 years ago.
Evgeny Kurakov, school teacher, Izborsk
Many mosquitoes, small river (I love depth), porridge often burns in the morning. Everything is fine :) When there is the next Forum?
Tatyana Zhiltsova, photographer, Tver
Ethno-forum organized by NGO "Tverin Kariela" is very cool!
Tatyana Evmenchikova, teacher of the Finnish language, Petrozavodsk - Joensuu
They are energy-savers. How do they manage so much? I liked it very much. With native Karelians it is always good and interesting.
Yuri Poyasov - cartographer, translator, Tver
Contacts and Location
phone +7 920 692 9518
e-mail: tverinkariela@yandex.ru
near the Strelitsa village,
Vesjegonsky district,
Tver region
How to get there
Bus timetable by departure from Tver
See you at Karelian

Ethno Forum!
Do not forget to fill out the application form.
Sending a participant / volunteer application to the organizers I agree with the Ethno-Forum Regulations and consent to the processing of personal data.
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